Grand Vinyl


Optical media can be manufactured in any quantity and remarkably quickly.

It's usually more cost-effective to duplicate (rather than press) short runs, but we can still offer screen- and litho-printed discs in small quantities. Packaging options begin with just simple plastic wallets and there are many choices for printed sleeves and packs.


We can offer several packaging types in small quantities. A card sleeve is affordable and brightens up a promo order!


The digipack is a sturdy, but less plasticky alternative to the standard jewel case for retail goods. From a basic gatefold to multi-disc packs, we can offer an array of choices with and without pockets for booklets.


The cost-effective, industry-standard package for CDs since their inception. These can be ordered to hold multiple discs, and with a booklet and inlay. A printed slipcase (pictured) adds a touch of class.

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